I would select Mr. Webster again

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We selected Mr. Mike Webster to build our house based on his integrity.  We have known Mike for over 15 yrs and have seen him in action raising his family and helping the community in building Habitat homes.  My fellow colleagues in the community have used Mr. Webster in building their homes and have not made any negative remarks after the building process.  Mr. Webster will back anything that he and his sub's build and will complete the finish carpentry himself.  He is a hands on general contractor and was able to build a tight enough home for energy star certification that will continually save us in energy costs. I would also like to add that his creativity and knowledge of the building process will help evolve your house plans into a workable home that achieve your goals.  He is also easily accessable any time you need to communicate with him in revisions or concerns.  I would select Mr. Webster again to build our Home.  Pls call me any time...................
Dr. Eric S. Morrison

Very Pleased With Our New Home

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My wife and I were very thorough and structured in selecting the contractor for our new home.  This was going to be the biggest investment in our lifetime on a residence that we hoped to spend our retirement years.  We gathered names from professionals in related businesses, neighbors and other acquaintances and developed a short list of the contractors with multiple referrals. We developed a very detailed questionnaire and interviewed our final short list. We wanted a contractor who would be personally involved on a regular basis with a focus on quality and long-term relationships with sub-contractors. Mike clearly was our contractor of choice and that selection has been validated many times. Mike did a great job managing a fine group of subcontractors.  He is a craftsman in his own right and our home reflects that quality. We continually receive positive comments from friends and family when they visit our home. Being remote homeowners, we appreciated Mike's trustworthiness and communications skills. Mike kept cool when problems occurred (and they will occur). He was honest and direct with his own assessments and was always responsive to our desires. We are very pleased with our new home and our builder, Mike Webster.
Chas and Debra Lawrence
Clyde, NC

Mike and Mike Alone

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We highly recommend Mike Webster of Webster Homes, Inc as a home-builder. We knew of Mike by reputation and decided to use him for some modifications of our existing house in Maggie Valley, N.C. We left him with a key to the house, then left town for 6 months. At the end of that time we returned to find the new windows we wanted perfectly installed, the interior of the home spotless, and the exterior likewise. The property showed no sign that a contractor/builder had even been there, which made it all the more impressive. There were no signs of construction debris, dirt, stray pieces of siding, sawdust or anything left to make any kind of mess.
Because of this wonderful experience, we sought Mike and Mike alone to build our house for us in the Villages of Plott Creek, Waynesville, N.C. We trusted then, and still trust, his integrity, honesty, work-ethic and cost-effectiveness. During the process there were some additional unforeseen landscape factors that not even the excavators had been able to determine, consistent with building in general and especially in the mountains! There are many times in the mountains that special techniques are needed. Mike always gave good advice. When we took it, we were always satisfied. There were some decision points for which Mike recommended a course of action which we did not take; he was right. We are pleased with our home and believe anyone who has Mike for their builder will be also. 

Our building experience with Webster homes was pleasant, personal and one that we would repeat. We have been pleased with the subcontractors and the continued service/advice we receive when we have a home question. Mike and his wife, Tina, have become dear friends, and we heartily recommend them. We appreciate their Christian world view which enters into their diligence in how they approach home building.

Joel and Susan Mahle
Waynesville, NC

A Man of Integrity

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We chose Mike Webster to build our home because he is a man of integrity and has superior building abilities.  Mike's years of experience building has afforded him a wealth of knowledge when it comes to what makes a home comfortable and inviting.  His quality workmanship has left us with a home that we will enjoy for years to come.

David and Rebecca Onder 
Waynesville, NC

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